Meet Shamika Edwards '11, MBA '12

Where do you live?

Bronx, NY

What do you do for work currently?

Audit & Assurance Manager @ Deloitte & Touche LLP

What did you learn at IC that helped you get to where you are today (personally or professionally)?

The importance of self-reflection. At IC I really came into my own and able to separate who I am as a person and who I am as part of a process. And to understand that it's okay not to conform but equally important to learn to understand other sides of the coin.

How did you get involved with IC after graduating (did you volunteer? Did you speak in a classroom? Attend events?)?

I don't think I ever stopped being involved with IC after I graduated. I spent a year in the Masters program for Accounting and serving as a Grad assistance in Academic Enrichment Services running the first year of the Emerging Scholars Program (does that still exist?!). By then, I'd met and become invested in the next class of IC leaders and made my way back to campus for a variety of reasons including speaking at student organization events. From there, I accepted a role as the young alumni chair for the Blue & Gold Society (circa 2014), a seat on the Business Advisory Council (early 2016) and then joined the AABD.

Why do you LOVE IC?

See above. Although, seriously, being at IC I felt like I could explore new possibilities including starting new clubs and organizations and developing a reputation for doing new things. I met people I'll always consider family.

Anything else interesting/pertinent that you’d like to include?

In the first two weeks of the semester I met a couple of people who are still in my IC group chat today. Even though we've lived across the world since graduation (and before to be honest) we've managed to maintain meaningful relationships.