Meet Alyssa Orlando '14

Where do you live? 

Greater Boston (moving to Grafton, MA in a few weeks!)

What do you do for work?

Director of Graduate Admission at Clark University / PhD student at University of Massachusetts Lowell

What did you learn at IC that helped you get to where you are today (personally or professionally)?

I learned how to curate experiences that make your life richer, and that a new opportunity is waiting around every corner. While at IC, I majored in journalism, and while I never entered the field, I use my writing, interviewing, and critical analysis skills each day in the field of higher education.

How did you get involved with IC after graduating (did you volunteer? Did you speak in a classroom? Attend events?)

After I graduated, I stayed in close contact with the cheerleading team which I was president of my senior year. I started the IC Cheerleading Alumni Association in 2015 which is still relatively active today. From those experiences, I decided to apply for the IC New England Regional Committee after finishing my master's degree in 2016. I served on the board for several years as the Communications Director, and have remained a committee member since 2018. I am very active in the New England region as an alum.

Why do you love IC?

I love IC because apart from the world-class education I received, I also learned how to be a manager, a leader, and a friend. I value each day I spent on South Hill and the person they shaped me to be.

Anything else interesting/pertinent that you’d like to include: (Are you close with other alumni? A professor you loved? Student orgs you were involved with?)

I met my now husband on the first day of IC orientation in the East Tower elevator. We met formally a few hours later, started dating a few weeks after that, and 11 years later the rest is history! I'm also very close with several other IC alum; three were in our wedding, and many more remain lifelong friends. Finally, the bond of working in Campus Center and competing as an IC Cheerleading athlete will last a lifetime.