Dear Fellow Ithacans,

ICUnity is a network of students, alumni, staff, parents, and friends associated with Ithaca College. We support diversity-related programs and events that facilitate improved interaction between people of different ethnic backgrounds, identities, religions, and orientations. You may notice that the letters in our group’s name are all connected; this is intentional because unity should have no division, and hence no space between the words.

ICUnity began in 2002 and has sponsored social and business network gatherings in Ithaca as well as in several metropolitan areas. We strive to positively affect the life quality of intercultural and LGBT students on the Ithaca College campus. Our first National Leadership Board was appointed in Fall 2017, and we invite you to volunteer and help us to build an inclusive, sustainable organization that benefits all Ithacans.

IC’s Office of Alumni and Family Engagement has been assisting with our effort to build an even stronger, more active organization. We have increased our annual activity from one intercultural social during alumni weekend in 2015, to a series of events throughout the year on-campus and across the US.

Welcome to ICUnity and thank you for joining us!

Bill Durant '86
Founder, ICUnity


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