Meet Jodi Scriber '72, P '00, '02

Where do you live?

I live in Ithaca

What do you do for work currently?

I retired from Racker an organization serving individuals with disabilities at the end of January 2016. I had been the Director of Education and Clinical Services across 3 counties for 18 years. Prior to that I worked as a Physical Therapist at Racker and two other Cerebral Palsy organizations. Currently I am working hourly at Racker seeing young children mostly under 3. I also teach Water Aerobics at Island Health and Fitness and serve on the Danby Planning Board and on the Tompkins Community Action Board.

What did you learn at IC that helped you get to where you are today (personally or professionally)?

I wanted to be a Physical Therapist with children from when I was in 10th grade. I grew up in a small town and I did well in Math and Science. Initially I found the memorization required in many of the courses challenging. I learned persistence while working toward my goal and my first job was at a Cerebral Palsy Center in Albany. I learned teamwork, working together results in better outcomes. Families and those we provide therapy for often teach us. Listen to understand. Be open to new ideas, approaches and continuous learning. Empathy; we do not know what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes. Be open and honest about challenges and invite others to help develop a plan forward. From my long term boss; hire people who are smarter than you and be generous with your time with them and let them lead.

How did you get involved with IC after graduating (did you volunteer? Did you speak in a classroom? Attend events?)?

During my first 3 years after graduating I was not in Ithaca. When I began working in January 1976 for what was then Special Children’s Center I began to take students who were doing their clinical affiliations. We also had volunteers from Ithaca College. In the Fall of 1976 Sarah Rich who taught at Ithaca College and I collaborated to start a swim program as part of her course Special Populations. I would give an orientation in her class each semester and would accompany the children to the swim program. That collaboration continues today with IC and the Preschool program. For two years I taught The Culture of Disabilities class for the OT department. We have continued to have students in PT, OT, ST and Audiology do clinical work at Racker. When supervising the preschool/daycare in Ithaca I hired IC students as part time staff. It was a great match as students were introduced to the many different children in the program and they were a breath of fresh air for our staff.

My husband also attended IC and retired after spending his entire career at IC working as a PT, Athletic Trainer and Professor. Both of our children attended and graduated from IC.

Why do you LOVE IC?

Ithaca College provided me with an excellent education and introduction to opportunities in Physical Therapy during the final year we spent in New York City. I was able to have an affiliation at Nassau County UCP which at the time was on the cutting age of Neurodevelopmental Treatment. This provided me with the basis of my almost 48 years of work with young children and with many opportunities to obtain specialized training. One of my Clinical Instructors was Arlene Wolff who has been and continues on the Alumni Board.

Living in Ithaca has afforded me the opportunity to work and become friends with many people who are part of the college.