Lauren Kaufman '09

Where do you live?Lauren Kaufman Headshot

I live in the New York metropolitan area. 

What do you do for work currently?

My work in the nonprofit sector addresses food insecurity, among other social issues, through partnership development and program management activities that support my community's most vulnerable populations. Past employers have included United Way and City Harvest, and I am now embarking on a new role with an innovative and growing organization called Rethink Food.

What did you learn at IC that helped you get to where you are today (personally or professionally)?

As a #ProudParkie, my professors and coursework set me up for success by developing my strategic communication, leadership, and technological capabilities. In the workplace, these skills have contributed to strong interactons with teammates and stakeholders, effective problem-solving, and successful program planning and execution. One of my most valuable educational experiences as an OCLD (renamed CMD) major was exploring systems through case studies, ultimately identifying gaps in processes and moving toward sustainable solutions. This skill has proven valuable throughout my professional endeavors, guiding me toward effecting positive and lasting community change.

How did you get involved with IC after graduating (did you volunteer? Did you speak in a classroom? Attend events?)?

Since graduation, I have been involved with IC through activities such as professional development webinars, networking events, Cortaca games, and the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter launch, as well as by being an active donor in support of campus operations and student life. I have also enjoyed learning about campus achievements through the IC View and taking road trips to Ithaca alongside fellow alumni!

Why do you love IC?

I love IC because of its welcoming and supportive community of students, alumni, professors, staff, and supporters, as well as the beautiful environment that makes the campus and surrounding city so "gorges".

Anything else interesting/pertinent that you’d like to include: (Are you close with other alumni? A professor you loved? Student orgs you were involved with?)

I am proud to have maintained a strong network of friendships from my time at IC. It will never cease to amaze me how a random freshman roommate can become an unlikely friend of more than 10 years! I also reflect fondly on my involvement with the Jewish community through IC's Hillel and the opportunity to pursue a personal passion as a music (voice) minor in the Whalen Center for Music. I look forward to continuing my engagement with my alma mater in new and exciting ways, such as serving on the IC Alumni Association Board of Directors!