Meet Mark Heinsman '99

Where do you live?Mark Heinsman

Hopewell Jct, NY

What do you do for work currently?

Owner of Imagativ, llc providing website/intranet design/development services to agencies & corporations; Project Management and Business Development for LaBella Associates, a consulting engineering firm.

What did you learn at IC that helped you get to where you are today (personally or professionally)?

Let yourself be creative when identifying and applying your skills to opportunities; be curious about and enthusiastic toward different people's passions and pursuits; maintain a diverse network - those who know you will lead to unimagined possibilities.

How did you get involved with IC after graduating (did you volunteer? Did you speak in a classroom? Attend events?)?

After graduation I continued working and socializing with classmates in various capacities.  As professional and community circles expanded, I always encountered alumni, students and parents and realized the significance of association beyond earning the degree.  Since then I have attended numerous events, have been a guest speaker on campus and have been a member of the Professional Development and Life Stages Committee.  

Why do you LOVE IC?

Attending IC was a challenging, humbling and formidable experience.  You had to be willing to make yourself amongst a diverse, competitive yet encouraging community where many were longing to evolve from their present perspective of self to their 110% potential.  IC, the community and the surrounding resources provide all the ingredients needed to make that evolution happen if you pursue an authentic journey.

Anything else interesting/pertinent that you’d like to include: (Are you close with other alumni? A professor you loved? Student orgs you were involved with?)

Making the effort to reconnect with the college post-graduation taught me more about the value of having attended IC than I understood while being a student.  Alumni Association Board members demonstrated that this is a life-long engagement and one must be a catalyst in perpetuating the community and supporting the school to derive the full value from one's investment while making sure the same is available to our peers.  My circles of closest classmates have all been there for each other through professional successes and failures as well as the ebb and flow of personal life experiences.  This community expands quickly when we rediscover each other.  For example, I met a fellow classmate (same silo, major and graduating year) literally on top of a mountain for the first time 20 years after graduation and working together was immediately fluid as if we had always done projects prior.