Marty Brownstein


Introducing Professor Marty Brownstein. Marty refers to himself as a proud and grateful first-generation American. His parents emigrated from the chaos in Europe after World War I. A New Yorker and urbanite, he attended New York City’s public schools, including Stuyvesant High School and Brooklyn College, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa. In graduate school, Marty developed his focus on legislative behavior and political psychology. During this period, he became a legislative assistant to Congressman Benjamin Rosenthal and an anti-war activist.  


When Marty first began working at Ithaca College in 1970, he started a teaching assistant program, a Washington Internship program, and new courses on Media and Politics, Literature and Politics, and Urban Politics. In 1976, following his public emergence as gay, Marty was among the pioneers who put LGBT courses on IC’s curriculum.  


In 1983, Marty initiated IC’s ties to Model United Nations, and served as its faculty advisor until his retirement in 2010.   


For forty years, Marty “viewed his career as a calling, one that has fixed on the teacher-student nexus as central and vital. Students knew where they could find him: at Hal’s Deli.