Roger Harris ’80


Roger Harris ’80

After graduating from Ithaca College in 1980, Roger Harris attended Pennsylvania State University where he obtained a Ph.D. in organic chemistry in 1986.  Upon completion of graduate school, he joined MRIGlobal in Kansas City, Missouri, as a staff chemist. Dr. Harris remained with MRIGlobal, an internationally recognized contract research organization, for more than 30 years performing research, managing staff, and undertaking programs that have ranged from avian influenza research to the development and evaluation of field crops for use as biomass feedstock. As a result of his 34 years of research, management, and business development experience, he reached his role as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MRIGlobal. He built and managed many multi-million dollar programs as a technical director and Vice President of the Product Development and Repository Management Division and Medical Countermeasures and Diagnostic groups.

Dr. Harris led an effort that secured a new program with the National Cancer Institute’s Division of Cancer Prevention, that established a chemopreventive agent repository, which sources and distributes GMP chemopreventive agents for human clinical trials. In 2019 the building that houses the chemopreventive agent repository was named the Roger Harris Repository, honoring his lasting impact at MRIGlobal and his drug development efforts. He also held Top Secret government security clearances, and he led multiple research and operational intelligence government programs.  Dr. Harris was often requested to brief United States Senators and Congressmen on critical MRIGlobal programs that were of national interest. He was involved in preparing information for PDB’s (Presidential Daily Briefs) for the President of the United States.

Dr. Harris is extensively published and has received several awards in recognition of his accomplishments, including MRIGlobal’s Enterprise Award, President’s Award, Professional Award, and Achievement Award. He has been invited to speak at multiple universities to discuss his business and professional background. He was nominated to attend, and completed, the prestigious FBI’s Citizens Academy, a community outreach program conducted by the FBI. Dr. Harris sits on the Oncology Advisory Board for St. Luke’s Hospital Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri.  He also devotes time mentoring Elementary and Junior High students and advises  Ithaca College students and graduates.