PCI - Publishing Concepts Inc.

You may have received either a postcard or an email that looks like it came from Ithaca College Philanthrophy and Engagement over the past week. 

PCI Both Images

We can assure you, it's legit! We have teamed up with a company called PCI - Publishing Concepts

Here’s how it works:  

  1. You should have received a post card/email asking you to call and update your information.
  2. Once you call, 1-888-368-6780 or 1-888-822-1723, a member of the PCI team will ask you a series of questions:
    1. Get your current contact information
    2.  Capture your IC stories/memories.
      1. All of this information is shared with Ithaca College so we can update our files.
  3. Your stories are then transcribed and packaged into a beautiful hard-bound book for you to keep and share with your family and friends, if you wish to purchase. With every purchase Ithaca College will get a percentage of the proceeds. 
    1. There is no obligation to make a purchase in order for your stories to be heard. 

Here is a video that goes into more detail about the project:

The Oral History Project

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

If you should have any questions please reach out to alumni@ithaca.edu or call us at 607-274-3194.

THANK YOU! We really appreciate you for taking the time out of your day to update your information and share your memories about your time on South Hill.