PCI - Publishing Concepts Inc.

You may have received either a postcard or an email that looks like it came from Ithaca College Philanthrophy and Engagement. 

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We can assure you, it's legit! We have teamed up with a company called PCI - Publishing Concepts

Ithaca college Oral history project:

About the Project: Ithaca College alumni have amazing stories to share, and we want to hear yours. We have partnered with Publishing Concepts, Inc., (PCI) to launch a comprehensive Oral History Project, where this vendor will contact our alumni to learn about your transformative experiences at Ithaca College These stories will be preserved in a commemorative print and digital book that celebrates the impact IC has had on your lives and who you are today.

Thinking about participating: Before you make the call, think about what you want to tell/share. Here are some helpful topics:

  •  Are you a first-generation graduate?

  • Have connections you made on campus that turned into lifelong friendships?
  • Can you trace your career path back to a defining moment on our campus?
  • Did a faculty or staff member have a profound impact on your life?

Here’s how it works:  

  1. You should have received a post card/email asking you to call and update your information.
  2. Once you call, 1-888-368-6780 or 1-888-822-1723, a member of the PCI team will ask you a series of questions:
    1. Get your current contact information
    2.  Capture your IC stories/memories.
      1. All of this information is shared with Ithaca College so we can update our files.
  3. Your stories are then transcribed and packaged into a beautiful hard-bound book for you to keep and share with your family and friends, if you wish to purchase. With every purchase Ithaca College will get a percentage of the proceeds. 
    1. There is no obligation to make a purchase in order for your stories to be heard. 

Here is a video that goes into more detail about the project:

The Oral History Project

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

If you should have any questions please reach out to alumni@ithaca.edu or call us at 607-274-3194.

THANK YOU! We really appreciate you for taking the time out of your day to update your information and share your memories about your time on South Hill.